The CISG and its Impact on National Legal Systems

The CISG and its Impact on National Legal Systems

Herausgegeben von: Franco Ferrari Erscheinungstermin: November 2008 Umfang: X, 489 Seiten


ISBN 978-3-86653-729-3
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In force in 70 countries around the world and covering more than two thirds of world trade, the 1980 United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) is considered to be the most successful convention promoting international trade.

According to many commentators, this success is due, among others, to the fact that the Convention does not directly impact on the domestic law of the various legal systems, as it applies only to international - as opposed to purely domestic - contracts. The Convention, in other words, does not impose changes in the domestic law, which makes it easier for States to adopt the Convention. This does not mean, however, that the Convention does not have any impact on the domestic law at all. This book analyzes - through 24 country reports as well as a general report submitted to the 1st Intermediate Congress of the International Academy of Comparative Law held in November 2008 in Mexico City - to what extent the Convention de facto influences domestic legal systems. In particular, the book examines the Convention's impact on the practice of law, the style of court decisions as well as the domestic legislation in the area of contract law.

"It can be concluded that this book provides extremely useful and groundbreaking comparative material for all academics, practitioners ans research students, from both civil and common law jurisdictions, who work and conduct research in international sale of goods law and who would like to be informed on the effect of the CISG in practice."
(Orkun Akseli in J.B.L.(2009), Issue 6)

"The CISG and it's Impact makes valuable contribution to the literature on the subject. The general report (Ferrari), as might be exoected, is very thorough and informative and makes significant additions to the reports of the national correspondents."
(Michael Bridge in The Modern Law Review (2009), 72(5), 867-881)


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