The Law of Obligations in Europe

The Law of Obligations in Europe

A New Wave of Codifications (Früherer Titel: The European Law of Obligations at a Turning Point)
Edited by: Reiner Schulze, Fryderyk Zoll Publication date: June 2013 Extent: xiv, 458 pages


ISBN 978-3-86653-983-9
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In the light of the current legal developments it is to be assumed that the influence of EU legislation will initiate a wave of reforms regarding the law of obligations at Member State level. How legislation of the European Union affects national legal systems in the context of the reform process is of great interest, especially in due consideration of the harmonisation of private law.
This volume illustrates the developments of such reforms across the European Union and is, thus, an indispensable guide for those who wish to get a deeper insight into the challenges and the current trends in the modernisation of the law of obligations in states like Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, Switzerland, France, Spain, Germany and even Russia and Scotland.


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