Yearbook of Private International Law

Yearbook of Private International Law

Volume XIII (2011)
Edited by: Andrea Bonomi, Gian Paolo Romano Series: Yearbook of Private International Law Publication date: July 2012 Extent: xiv, 701 pages Cooperation: Published in Association with The Swiss Institute of Comparative Law


ISBN 978-3-86653-964-8
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Founding editors:
Petar Šarčević †, Paul Volken

The current volume of the "Yearbook of Private International Law" includes three special sections: The first one is devoted to the recent European developments in the area of family law like the proposal on the matrimonial property régimes in its relation with other EU instruments, such as Brussels IIbis or Rome III. Another special section deals with the very hotly debated question of the treatment of and access to foreign law. The third one presents some recent reforms of national Private International Law systems. National reports and court decisions complete the book.

Recent highlights include:
- multiple nationalities in EU Private International Law
- the European Court of Human Rights and Private International Law
- parallel litigation in Europe and the US
- arbitration and the powers of English courts
- conflict of laws in emission trading
- res judicata effects of arbitral awards


One more valuable volume for all researchers & practitioners in the field of PIL and International Civil Litigation. Updates on developments in family matters, recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards, and applicable law; a special on recent trends in the American PIL doctrine, and on the forthcoming revision of the Brussels I Regulation. Reports from various legal orders, and comments on recent ECJ rulings.
(Dr. jur. Apostolos Anthimos in Harmenopoulos (2012), 1028)


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