Aiming at bringing forward the development of a European Civil Code in publicistic means, sellier european law publishers was founded in 2000 by the publishing dynasty Sellier.

First results have already been published. Moreover, selp built up a remarkable programme of books, journals and electronic databases on the subject of European private law, international economic law and private international law. selp’s approach is to publish works at the highest academic level. In doing so, selp can count on the experience of legal professionals from across Europe and the U.S.

Since January 2011, selp affiliates with Verlag Dr. Otto Schmidt (Cologne).

The publisher Sellier/de Gruyter has emerged from the J. Schweitzer Verlag and is in existence since 1 January 1981 (until 1989 under the name J. Schweitzer - Walter de Gruyter). Shareholders of the general partnership (OHG) are in equal parts Dr. Arthur L. Sellier & Co. KG, Wissenschaftlicher Verlagskontor (Munich, Germany) - responsible for content and concept development, editing and cooperation with authors - and Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co. KG (Berlin, Germany) - responsible for production, marketing and distribution.

Since January 2011 Dr. Arthur L. Sellier & Co. KG (with its participation) affiliates with Verlag Dr. Otto Schmidt.

Sellier/de Gruyter focuses on the publication of "J. von Staudinger's Commentary on the Civil Code”. Being a nationally and internationally renowned commentary that in 1998 solemnized its 100 years of existence, the “Staudinger” has been published as “complete works” in 1993 for the first time. The "complete works of Staudinger" is based on an innovative concept: Instead of publishing the entire commentary to be continued in editions, Sellier/de Gruyter releases individual volumes whenever a thorough updating is necessary. Subscribers will receive the updated volumes automatically and can always rely on being updated on a regular basis. The innovative concept of the “Staudinger” allows you to obtain every volume according to your personal requirements both as single volume and as partial subscription. More about options of subscription
More about options of subscription.


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